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Gasification has been around for 10,000 years. Coal gasification was used in the 1700's in England, France and Germany for street lanterns. During World War I small gasifiers were developed to operate vehicles, boats, trains and electric generators. During World War II 90% of the vehicles in Sweden were powered by gasifiers. Small gasifiers became unpopular when oil became cheap and plentiful. In recent years there has been resurgence in gasifiers for various applications.

There are at least 50 companies that claim to have a commercial gasification process, some of which have operating plants and some of which only have prototypes. Waterwide is probably the most noted of these with over 40 installations worldwide. The primary application for these gasifiers is the processing of wood waste and biomass. At least one company has a plant in China that is processing MSW. Most of these systems can process between 1-3 tons per hour in a single reactor. They can be either updraft or down draft gasifiers. Most of them involve a grate system and are pressurized. The material that feeds into the reactor must be uniformly sized, relatively dry and must be sorted. Most gasifiers require an RDF plant on the front end to prepare the fuel. These gasifiers operate at relatively low temperatures and produce high levels of tar and char. Most of them go straight to a combustor where the synfuel is combusted and a boiler generates steam that is used to fire a steam turbine. A few processes clean the gas first and can then go to an engine ("genset") or to a small gas turbine. These gasifiers cannot process large volumes of MSW or other waste because the reactors are too small and it would take too many of them to be practical. These gasifiers do not pose a competitive threat to REI. Even though these gasifiers have been around for many years and marketed by at least 50 companies, there are relatively few installations and they have never been widely accepted.

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