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Recovered Energy, Inc. is an independent engineering and consulting firm dedicated to the promotion of the most current technologies for the recovery of energy from waste. In our opinion, the waste "problem" is the solution to our energy needs. We like to think of waste as an asset rather than a liability. Current technologies using plasma gasification and pyrolysis processes can convert almost any waste material into usable products such as electricity, ethanol, vitrified glass and other salable products. This is a true waste to energy system that goes way beyond the traditional incinerator and beyond standard gasification processes. We promote technology that allows for 100% conversion of waste to energy in a safe and environmentally friendly manner. green electricity. Plasma gasification and pyrolysis processes allow for the virtual elimination of landfills, recycling without sorting, the complete thermal conversion of all types of waste to energy in the form of green electricity or ethanol.


We have spent years compiling and evaluating technologies. With our accumulated knowledge and experience we can help your group or organization develop a project with the following objectives.
1- Find the best way to use waste as a clean, reliable source of energy.
2- Eliminate the "waste problem" by converting 100% of the waste into a usable product.
3- Make significant reductions on the world's dependence on fossil fuels.
4- Provide a source of pure drinking water.
5- Create secure, high-wage manufacturing jobs.

We can save you a lot of time and work by sharing with you what is needed to get a project off the ground.

REI has investigated approximated 70 different gasification processes, 36 plasma gasification processes, 5 pyrolysis processes, 3 hybrid thermal processes, 100 gas turbines, numerous pollution control equipment providers, 4 ethanol processes and 5 water distillation processes in order to find answers. Here is some of what we learned:
  • Waste can be gasified to produce synthesis gas (syngas), which can be used to produce electricity. Gasification technology is well proven. There are more than 100 plasma gasification plants around the world and a similar number of gasification plants.
  • The only way to produce power from waste efficiently is to use a combined cycle gas/steam turbine.
  • Only certain gas turbines have experience with syngas.
  • Syngas can be used to make ethanol with certain specific gasification/pyrolysis processes.
  • Waste steam from the steam turbine can be used in certain situations to make large quantities of pure distilled water.
  • The various gasification and plasma gasification technologies have specific applications or niches where they fit best.
  • Plasma gasification has fewer emissions than gasification and treats certain types of waste better.
  • The capital cost for a plasma gasification plant is higher than the cost for a gasification plant. However, the overall economics for plasma is better than gasification in many situations, even though the capital cost is higher.
  • There is no universal cure. However, gasification and plasma gasification can each be used for specific situations to solve significant problems. Each situation needs to be analyzed to determine the best fit.
  • Of the many providers that claim to have technology there are only a handful that have proven technology. It is difficult to sort out who has real technology and who does not have real technology. Many of the providers are making claims that they cannot support. Care must be taken to verify that the provider can actually do what he is claiming. Unless the customer has significant, specialized skills it is very difficult for a customer to sort out and challenge the provider's claims.

REI has identified the keys points for proper evaluation of the exciting technologies available today that would turn waste into energy.

REI has significant knowledge of all technologies but is not locked into any single technology. This independence allows us to analyze each situation from an objective point of view. Our goal is to promote the use of the best technologies, implemented in an economically and environmentally responsible manner.

REI can provide the following services to support your selection of the proper technology for your application:

1. Educational Seminars: Any group considering the development of a system for converting waste into energy should first attend these informative seminars. Seminars can be given at our office or near your location.
  • Technical Overview Seminar-This seminar is designed for technical and non-technical people to give an overview of all the technical issues that need to be evaluated in the selection of the appropriate technology for a project. We will provide detail information about the history of the industry, potential applications, environmental impact, feasibility and major technology suppliers.
  • Technical Detail Seminar-This seminar is designed for technical people who want to examine the technologies in a very detailed manner. Attendees will explore design issues in all aspects of a project. This seminar can be customized to the specific project details and interests of the attendees.
  • Economic Overview Seminar-This seminar is designed to present a model for economic evaluation of a project for both financial and non-financial people to be able to evaluate the financial feasibility of a project. We identify the items for financial consideration in both the initial development of a project and it's ongoing operation and profitability.
  • Economic Detail Seminar-This seminar is designed for the financial person who wants to look at detail financial models of the waste processing and energy generation plant. Best estimates for costs of construction and ongoing operational costs. Review of projected operating capital needs and cash flow projections.
  • Project Funding Methods and Obstacles-This seminar explores various options for funding a project in detail. Includes options for conventional financing and requirements. Methods for making the project more attractive to potential financing companies and non-debt financing options.

2. Preliminary Project Evaluation:In 1 or 2 days we can analyze your situation and provide a basic analysis of the options that are open to you and the best supplier for your situation. If you have already selected another technology, we can analyze that technology and help you make sure the process will work in your situation. Our fees will be a small fraction of what you will pay to any other consulting engineer and we will give you more complete answers. We can save you considerable time and effort and can put you on the right track in a short period of time.

3. Potential Project Feasibility Study:We can complete a feasibility study for your project, including analysis of both the technical and economic aspects of the project.

4. Project Development Consultation:We can help you develop the project. We can help you identify and select the project team. We can help secure the financing. We can help negotiate power purchase agreements and waste supply contracts.

5. Project Process Design:Working closely with you and the specifics of the waste stream to be processed and the desired energy production, REI can develop the process design for your project in the event the supplier has not already done so. We have included in our website an example of a process design we completed in cooperation with Westinghouse Plasma Corporation, General Electric and others.

6. Turnkey Project:REI functions as a project developer by determining the best technology for your given projects and working closely with the appropriate partners and affiliates for a turnkey project proposal.

You may contract REI for any of the above services, separately or in various combinations. REI is not looking for any project ownership or residual income. We are here to educate and promote the development of projects in the area of waste conversion to energy. We want to work for you to help you become successful and to help your project happen.

Please contact us as soon as possible so we can start servicing your needs.

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